What is Dewatering?

Although most everyday people have never even heard of the concept of dewatering, those who work in construction and other similar industries have to think about it frequently. One major reason a person researches wastewater treatment companies is to find a reliable team that can help them with dewatering. But what exactly is dewatering? Learn more below. 

What Is the Definition of Dewatering?

The word “dewatering” is relatively straightforward to define because it is the process of removing water from soil or other solid materials, just like it sounds. Carrying out the actual process of dewatering is much less straightforward, though, as it requires all kinds of complicated and expensive equipment to do. As such, many companies who need dewatering done have to rent out dewatering equipment or enlist the help of organizations that specialize in dewatering. 

When Are Dewatering Services Needed?

Dewatering services are mostly needed on construction sites or excavation locations to remove groundwater from the area, allowing staff to dig more easily or lay a concrete foundation on a more stable surface. 

What Equipment is Needed for Dewatering?

Most dewatering operations will require belt filter processes, chamber filter presses, and centrifuges, though more complicated jobs may require even more types of equipment. Even if the staff have the right equipment, it won’t do much good for removing groundwater unless the staff also has extensive knowledge and experience about how to use it. As a result, it’s sometimes more cost-effective to outsource the process to experts. 

Dewatering is an important process for many projects that take place all over America every day of the week. When done properly, it can simplify many important tasks and provide a level foundation for homes and businesses alike. When it isn’t done properly, the consequences can be devastating, such as foundation issues, ruined equipment, and safety hazards.