Mark Roemer Oakland Shares Details About Selecting the Right Exterior Paint to Give Your Home Curb Appeal


According to Mark Roemer Oakland, if you thought painting rooms was stressful, choosing paint colors for the exterior of your home can add an element of horror. It’s a tall order in every sense of the term. From the money and time invested in it to the curb appeal it creates, it’s a grand task. Let’s check out how you can select the right exterior paint to give your home curb appeal.

The Details

1. Align with the neighborhood and identify your home’s style – Your home’s style plays a major role in guiding you toward the right colors. For instance, if you have a ranch-style home, a color palette full of pastels may not be the right choice. On the other hand, bold hues would look awful on a Victorian-style home.

While there’s no need to stick to tradition, you have to admit that a Colonial-style house looks best in white with black shutters and a green front door. Apart from your home, your neighborhood also shines a lens on the possible colors. For instance, if you live in a new and modern suburb, lighter hues with dark trims may be the best choice. 

2. Copy the colors – As you’re trying to come up with the right combination of colors for the exterior paint, go around the neighborhood and click pictures of the color palettes you like. Your brain knows what looks right and if something looks off, you need to trust your judgment. After you’ve clicked enough pictures, compare them and narrow down your choices.

3. Trends are overrated – Shoes, sofas, clothes, and the colors of your home are passing trends. A decade or two ago, painting homes brown was the trend. However, it isn’t so anymore. In fact, in the age of the internet where information is exchanged at a rapid pace, trends have a very short life cycle. What’s trendy right now may not be so within a month and that’s a very forgiving estimate. That’s why you need to think in the long term since you’re not going to repaint your home anytime soon.

4. Get familiar with color wheel rules – Successful home color combinations usually use three colors with one hue being the dominant one and the other two working as accent colors. You’ll find a lot of tried-and-true color guidelines from the color wheel. Hues that are analogous or opposite to each other work great when put together. On the other hand, hues in the same family can also look brilliant if the shades are spaced right. In the end, test the combinations you come up with before finalizing one.


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests that you use the above-mentioned tips to narrow down the right colors for painting the exterior of your home. Whatever you choose, make sure to get color samples and test them in large swathes and view the results at different times of the day from different angles before making the final choice.