Make Your Commercial Building More Green

Reducing the amount of energy your commercial building consumes can benefit both your wallet and your community. The basics of being green really only come down to using less and reusing what you can. There are several areas in which most buildings could become more efficient. 


Optimizing your building’s insulation can keep your customers or clients feeling more comfortable at the same time as saving you money on heating and cooling. There are options that extend beyond the traditional and expensive fiberglass, such as spray foam solutions. Foam can fill small gaps and crevices more effectively than bulky pads and it is safer to be around. Don’t forget to include spaces like attics and basements. 

Reinforce Weak Points 

Climate controlled air can escape through access points in your building that you aren’t able to insulate, especially if it is older. If you update your windows and doors to more energy efficient versions, you can keep your energy bills low while increasing your curb appeal. Their strong designs are likely to last for years to come, making them a worthy investment. The same can be applied to glass porches and skylights. 

Water Reclamation 

Water is another resource that can be reduced and reused. Water recycling is becoming popular in green construction. Gray water and rainwater can be treated and used again on your very own property. This can have a large impact on your water bill and can be very useful in drought conditions. This is especially applicable if you run a business that revolves around water, such as a car wash. 

Give a boost to your business by making your building more comfortable, energy efficient and environmentally friendly. If you have more money to invest in your business could find yourself thriving beyond your wildest expectations. Doing good for the world can also benefit you!