Garage Clean Up – Cleaning Tips And Ideas For Every Homeowner

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Most homeowners have a garage at home because they have cars to safeguard them from all sorts of weather conditions throughout the year. However, these housings aren’t always used for vehicles only since we have here a variation of items for diverse purposes. Sometimes, we can say that it looks more like a storage room that’s why our automobiles are often left outdoors.

Well, this only shows that we have pieces of stuff kept in this spot, which means that we should start contacting Ridly rubbish removal services in the area. They understand that there are some things that you don’t want to get rid of, but if it makes the place dull, then it’s time to clean up. These providers would be picking up your mess, cleaning your garage, and may sort things out on your behalf.

You are surely occupied at work, too, but this doesn’t mean that you won’t mind organizing and tidying up the garage when it’s certain to be for your car. That’s why if your workload is taking your time, then allow the experts to help you out. However, it would be great to do the cleaning by yourselves, too, and ask for waste removal services to reduce your junk disposal task.

What’s a residential garage?

We’re all aware of this space at home because it’s where you’re old and new cars are supposed to rest. Just like any other part of the house, this has walls and a roof to protect the automobiles from the elements. Some of these structures are connected to the main building, while others are separated, though it’s not that far.

Some are designed with automated doors, so they will close and open by using a remote control. While others are constructed with a roll-up door that you manually operate to get inside. No matter how you enter, the function of this room will still be the same.

The materials used in constructing will depend on the theme of the house. It could be made of steel, concrete, wood, or any material that would keep the vehicles safe when parked. Unlike commercial parking lots, a residential garage usually has limited space and may take up to three units only.

Garage Clean Up - Why Do It?

Cleaning up and Organizing

As homeowners, we are responsible for our surroundings so it’s imperative to observe cleanliness indoors and outdoors. Pretty sure that we don’t allow our homes to be messy, that’s why we’d throw away unnecessary pieces of stuff, especially when can’t be reused. It would be great if these can be recycled and collected to be disposed of properly.

I supposed every room indoors are tidy because they’re often cleaned and sanitized to minimize health risk. But let’s look at your garage because this spot is always neglected when it comes to tidiness. If you think that there’s something to fix here, then we have to start decluttering to organize your stuff.

Don’t be surprised if you’ll have to throw away most of the items here because these aren’t touched for years. Maybe you have forgotten that you kept something around and now is the time to dispose of them properly through waste collectors.


If you’ll notice, you have a lot of things stored in this small room. Sometimes, it’s even big enough but unorganized items made it look like it’s not spacious. Therefore, make a plan on how you’d like things to be kept and organized.

Pretty sure that you have old stuff, too, so think about what you want to do with them. Are you going to dump them or donate the items that are still functioning? In this way, you won’t have to store unwanted items because they’ll just add up to the space.


I suggest you start with the easiest task, such as collecting recyclables. Don’t forget that your goal is to first empty the room and fill it with the important ones. Depending on how much bulk you have in there, we can’t say you’ll finish everything in a day.

If you’re working alone, then do it in smaller sections. It would be ideal to pick up what’s troubling you the most. Starting on the difficult part would be better even if it takes ample time because dealing with the rest would be lax.


When you have a lot of things on the ground, then bring them out to clear your space. Set them aside and work on sorting them out later. What you need to focus on at this point is to ensure that the floor would be prepared for cleaning.

Now, if you think that your things are important, then consider the storage area. You may later add shelves or hanging cabinets. In this way, your stuff would be more organized and easier to locate when needed.

Use the appropriate cleaning supplies on the floor. If you have a vacuum, then you can also use that. Don’t forget to polish the ground as well.

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You have to start sorting, so prepare a list to categorize your things. This includes auto supplies, sports equipment, gardening tools, cleaning materials, etc. Once these are already sorted, then it would be smoother to keep them in designated places.

It’s a must to have categories for each item that you’d like to keep in the garage. Placing them anywhere in the room will give you trouble finding them when in a rush. Thus, make sure to group them accordingly.

Don’t forget to segregate unwanted stuff because the waste collector will be collecting them. It would be ideal to sort them properly for ease of disposal. Use a separate container for those that will be donated.

Sifting Through

Our garage isn’t storage, so if we have belongings that have been kept there for more than a year, then discard them. For example, if your kids have toys that were stacked up since they have grown up now, you may get rid of these stuffed toys, dolls, or toy guns. It would be a great idea to donate these to charity homes where children are staying.

I guess you also have here equipment or tools for your one-time hobby. Well, we sometimes copy from our friends but later on, found out that it’s not our deal. It’s better to give them to those who need these for their hobbies rather than keeping them when there’s no use.

Sometimes, it’s not that easy to dump these items. Therefore, if you find it hard, then I suggest you itemize them according to season because you might need these as the weather changes. But without a purpose, either throw or give them away.


It would be good to have clear ground, so you need to install shelves for various tools and equipment. When there are kids around, then make sure that the shelf will be designed with doors. In this way, you can lock them and that would be safer for your children.

Shelves can be mounted on the walls and ceilings so just make sure everything won’t be out of reach when kids are around. These could be made of metal, wood, or aluminum, depending on your preferences.


When you hang pieces of stuff, you have to make sure that they are classified so that you can easily recognize and pinpoint them. However, such a setting is only ideal in families where there are no young children. I know that adults are taking good care of them, but we can’t tell when they’ll discover this spot.

You can hang everything you have in the garage because this makes the place bigger. Some individuals would even want to see their bicycles hanging on the wall.

Anyway, we have shelves as another option so don’t hesitate to choose an ideal way to guarantee everybody’s safety. If hanging and shelving won’t work, then find other alternatives.