Enhancing Spaces Naturally with Textured Laminate

Who doesn’t want a natural-looking interior space? Everyone wants to have a natural-looking space. With proper interior design and architecture, you can improve the look and value of the place. Interior designs would include proper materials from marble to the laminates. However, natural elements like rock and wood would need a good amount of investment. So, are you thinking that your dream of having a natural-looking interior would be incomplete? Then, fret not. Therefore, interior decorators have come out with the solutions like textured laminates. 

Let’s get into how you can transform your space with natural-looking textured laminates.

Know Your Textured Laminates 

Textured laminates are a popular choice among the series of decorative laminate sheets. Interior designers like these laminate sheets because they give a better look and warmer feel of natural materials within your budget. The laminate sheets are durable and easy to maintain. Hence, instead of using any natural materials, you can definitely use these as they are ideal for high-traffic areas. You can use them in your home interior as well as in commercial buildings and even hospitals and schools.

These decorative laminates have a textured surface which is designed for mimicking the look and feel of wood, stone, fabric or any other natural materials. Unlike acrylic laminates, textured laminate is created by imprinting different designed patterns with a thin layer of paper or fabric. The laminates are bonded to a substrate made up of particleboard or MDF using heat and pressure.

The textured laminates have different variety of designs such as patterns and textures. From wood grain, brick and fabric to stone, textured laminates are available in different varieties. In some cases, the textured laminates can be designed in a three-dimensional texture to offer a more realistic and high-quality look. 

Textured laminate is commonly used in flooring, wall panels, furniture, and worktops. Trim, mouldings, and wainscoting are examples of ornamental embellishments that may be made from them. Overall, textured laminates provide a versatile and cost-effective choice for interior design projects, with a variety of textures and patterns to suit any style or décor.

Application of Textured Laminates 

Furniture: While we want to add some natural feel to the interior decor, we first need to take care of the furniture properly. You can use these laminates in tables, chairs, cabinets, and bookcases. They offer the look and feel of natural materials without the cost and maintenance. 

Flooring: You can use textured laminates as an alternative to hardwood or stone flooring. With the help of high-pressure textured laminates, you will get the same look and feel as natural materials. Although, you can get the entire flooring with more durable, easier to clean, and less expensive.

Ceilings: If you want to have a decorated ceiling, textured laminates can help to create decorative ceilings. It will add both texture and visual interest to a room. These can be applied directly to the ceiling or used to create a coffered ceiling.

Wall panelling: With textured laminates, you can create decorative wall panelling. It can add deep texture and trending visual interest to any room. The laminates can be used to create an accent wall or cover entire walls to create a seamless look.

Countertops: Textured laminates can be used to create durable and stylish countertops for kitchens, bathrooms, and other areas. They are easy to clean, resist stains and scratches, and come in a variety of textures and patterns.

Office Space: Are you having trouble designing your office space? Do you want a serious yet elegant material to decorate it? Textured laminates are the answer for you. The aesthetically pleasing laminate improves the interior design and brings an edge to the room. 

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