3 Types of Industrial Equipment for a Modern Economy

Today’s fast-paced marketplace requires manufacturers to adopt new procedures and policies to meet demand. Machines and their parts have become increasingly specialized to create products you use every day and may take for granted. Here are three types of industrial equipment that support the modern economy.

Fluid Reservoirs

Storage tanks for fluids are used across multiple industries, especially the chemical and petroleum sectors. There are many types of tanks, from aboveground storage to underground reservoirs. Tanks are made from different types of materials based on what they are to hold, and many require specialized parts such as Air Sentry breathers North Carolina. Fluid reservoirs hold liquids that the modern marketplace prizes and needs to meet consumers’ demands.


While cranes may sound old-school, this type of equipment has become increasingly complex and powerful. Today’s machines feature many intricate parts, including:

  • Levers
  • Weight and balance systems
  • Winches and hoists

These machines have developed through the centuries along with engineering techniques, and they are a vital part of today’s production logistics.


In its most basic definition, a compressor provides high pressure gaseous materials, including oxygen. Many sectors have used compressors for industrial production since the beginning of the 19th century, and this important piece of equipment has become vital to some of today’s most innovative sectors.

  • Pharmaceuticals—Compressed air helps companies produce medicines by powering pneumatic tools responsible for mixing, shaping, and coating capsules and tablets.
  • Aerospace—This industry uses specialized tools powered by air compressors as an inherent part of the production process.
  • Energy—Air compressors help refine raw petroleum as well as transport liquid materials.

Today’s advanced compressors also serve the needs of age-old niches such as agriculture, food and beverages, and construction.

Advanced industrial equipment and parts help make modern life what it is. They produce items people use and depend on each day, and they help power flights across continents and into space. Whether or not you think about them, industrial machines affect your lifestyle.