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Gingivitis In Cats: Its Causes, Signs, And Therapy Choices

Millions of households include fish, birds and small animals like hamsters and rabbits. But some pet owners still assume the merchandise brought on their canine or cats to become ill or die. This increase in animal ownership has resulted in unprecedented growth in gross sales for pet food manufacturers, together with the 2 largest, Mars and Nestlé, and has led to shortages of sure merchandise.

“Drawing a causal hyperlink from individual incident stories is deceptive.” It’s one of the causes Trepp hopes for a more thorough examination of the collars that does not depend on self-reporting pet parents. Your vet weighs what’s best on your pet and recommends what they consider to be safe, efficient products, says Randy Wheeler, DVM and executive director of the Iowa Veterinary Medical Association. You’ll also want to be skeptical of what you discover on some corners of the internet—outside of Daily Paws, of course—so …